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What’s in a sales opportunity?

Everything you need to create and manage sales opportunities is here.

What’s in a sales opportunity?

Managing sales opportunities takes time, but it shouldn’t. That’s why RecordbookHQ purposely designed its sales opportunity function to be simple and intuitive. So you can focus on closing business. Let’s take a look at the different components of a sales opportunity.

Sales Opportunity Name, & Description. Identify potential deals with a clear name and context-providing description.

Tags. Attach customizable tags for easy organization and customized reports.

Account. Associate the sales opportunity with the relevant company or organization.

Contacts. Engage with the key individuals involved in the opportunity, both within and outside your organization. Contacts encompass decision-makers, influencers, blockers, and other stakeholders.

Products/Services. Specify the products or services associated with the opportunity. Whether it’s a single offering or a combination, these items have milestones, financial metrics, and attribution.

Notes. Capture essential information, updates, discussions, or interactions pertaining to the opportunity. Notes create a timeline of progress and ensure team-wide awareness.

Action Items. Define actionable tasks, activities, or steps required to advance the opportunity in the sales process. Assign deadlines and responsible team members, streamlining effective opportunity management and progression towards closure.


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