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Stay on track with sales action items

Assign action items, set due dates, stay up-to-date on the next steps to win a deal.

Stay on track with sales action items

Your sales action items is where you store the things you need to do, to move a sales opportunity closer to closed-won. It could be to schedule a meeting, prepare for a demo, or write a proposal. It’s the one spot people need to look to get a sense of what’s happening next with a sales opportunity. Let’s take a look at what’s included in an action item.

Add a Sales Action Item. It’s pretty simple there’s a section to add a brief description of the task to be completed. You’re also able to add a due date, which is the date and time the action is expected to be completed. Once an action item is saved there’s a record of the action owner and timestamp.

Sort by Actions. Click the sort icon, which is to the right of the filters icon. Scroll down to the Actions Due (Soonest) line. After you select Actions Due (Soonest) you’ll see your sales opportunities sorted by the next action due.

Why is sorting by Actions important? Have you ever been asked to provide an update on what needs to happen next with a sales opportunity? Well it’s all here. With just a few clicks anyone can see the upcoming things you need to do, to move your sales opportunities closed to closed-won.


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