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Know your sales contacts

Stay organized with the different people with whom you’ve engaged throughout the sales cycle.

Know your sales contacts

A contact is the name of a person associated with a particular sales opportunity. They can be internal or external to your company. It’s important to maintain a list of all contacts to stay organized with the different people with whom you’ve engaged throughout the sales cycle.

Add a Contact

Contact name. The name of the contact.

Company. The organization with which the contact works.

Title. The contacts job title.

Other standard inputs: Email, phone address, LinkedIn

Pin a Contact

Click either the + Contact or edit contact buttons. On the bottom right side of that section you will see a pin icon. Click it. After it’s clicked it will turn blue. A contact with a blue pin icon will appear on the main sales pipeline screen under Contacts. You can only pin one contact per sales opportunity.

How do I view all sales opportunities associated with a specific Contact?

Go to the filters icon, which is to the right of the search bar. Type the name of the contact into the contact name field and then click the apply button. All sales opportunities that have the name of that contact listed in their contacts section will appear under your sales opportunities.

What happens to my sales pipeline when I search a Contact?

Your sales pipeline will only show data from opportunities that have your contact’s name listed in the contacts field.


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