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Sales tracking and reporting made easy

With Recordbook’s sales tracking and reporting functionality, there are unlimited ways to view your sales pipeline and sales data in seconds.

Sales tracking and reporting made easy

We’ve all heard the expression, “time is money”. That’s why Recordbook is designed to empower you with unparalleled speed and control over your sales tracking capabilities. With Recordbook, you have unlimited ways to view your data, all within seconds. From lightning-fast search that help you pinpoint opportunities instantly, to powerful filters that allow for customized reporting, and a sort function that turns you into the master of your sales universe – we’ve got it all. Plus, our color-coded Action Items ensure you never miss a beat. Let’s take a look at four of these sales tracking and reporting capabilities.

Search. Enter an account name into the search bar to quickly locate sales opportunities associated with the account. The sales pipeline auto-updates with relevant data for that account.

Filters. Narrow down displayed opportunities with filters like: opportunity name, tags, account name, contact name, and various product/service metrics. The sales pipeline auto-updates with filtered data. Filters are essential for customized reporting.

Sort. Utilize the sort function to arrange sales opportunities according to your needs. Sort by various tasks like upcoming action items due or notes written this week. Or even sales opportunity metrics like close date, stage, or total revenue. Sorting is like having a manager but without the bull*hit.

Action Items. Stay on top of your tasks with color-coded Action Items. Yellow indicates that an action is due within 7 days, while red signifies deadlines within 3 days. Sort by Action Item to instantly view your task list.


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